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2020 KWLA Summer Schedule

June 22nd to July 31st


College Application Essay Workshop  - This class will help rising, college-bound seniors to get a jump on college application essay writing.  Students will review strong example essays and then begin drafting their own for the 2021 Common Application. 6 Tuesday afternoons 4-5 p.m.   $350 

The Basics: Elementary - This class will teach and review many grammar basics including parts of speech, sentence structures and paragraph construction.  Students will put the concepts together by penning paragraphs on a variety of engaging topics.   6 Wednesday afternoons 4-5 p.m. $350 

The Basics: Secondary - This class will focus on the parts of an essay as well as the top ten grammar mistakes made in high school essays.  Over the course of the class, students will develop this own 500-word persuasive essays.  6 Monday afternoons 4-5 p.m$350 


Perfectly Poetry - This class is for students whose senses are abuzz - for those who notice the different colors in a sunset and can identify the various chirps of birds and insects.  This talent for tuning-in will be put to work exploring and producing a variety of poems.  6 Thursday afternoons 4-5 p.m. $350 

Classes Capped at Eight Students


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